Recommendations for the Patio

In many seasons and occasions, the patio is used as a place to enjoy many activities in the home. Unfortunately some patios end up disorganized because it is often used as a storage place, or items just pile up but you can make a difference in your home building a patio under elaborate planning by My Capitol Builders.

We decided to create this article in which we talk about some recommendations on how to organize your patio in a better manner.


Tips for correct lighting in your kitchen at home

The kitchen in our home need for correct illumination, but also we must combine with functionality and design, Kitchens are spaces created for work and good lighting is essential to develop our culinary work well.

At My capitol builders we specialize in kitchen remodeling in the greater Washington D.C metro area, base up on our field experience we can make the following recommendations. (more…)

Ideas to decorate and organize a small bathroom Small Bathroom

Unfortunately not all houses are built with large bathrooms, for that reason we will show you some tips for making a small bathroom look wider and perfect no matter what the size may be.

You may not believe it but we must pay attention to detail and this will make our bathroom have the Comfort, functional and organized virtues.

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