Tips for correct lighting in your kitchen at home

The kitchen in our home need for correct illumination, but also we must combine with functionality and design, Kitchens are spaces created for work and good lighting is essential to develop our culinary work well.

At My capitol builders we specialize in kitchen remodeling in the greater Washington D.C metro area, base up on our field experience we can make the following recommendations.

A central lamp

Recessed Lights or Overhead Lighting

If you would like to give a better lighting and a more modern feel to your kitchen you can install Recess Lights and Overhead Lights canalways be installed on a dimmer switch, for those who wish to minimize or maximize the light depending on the time or the moment, ideal for relaxed and romantic settings.

Cabinets or pantries

Under cabinet lights are great source for better over the counter illumination, and provide functionality as you can use for prepping at night, without having to use the overhead lights.

Natural Light

But if you are building or remodeling your kitchen is important to use natural light, to achieve this it is necessary to consider the location and orientation of openings, as well as the distribution of workspaces. But we must also avoid the sun go directly to our kitchen and we can achieve with windows or blinds.

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