Recommendations for the Patio

In many seasons and occasions, the patio is used as a place to enjoy many activities in the home. Unfortunately some patios end up disorganized because it is often used as a storage place, or items just pile up but you can make a difference in your home building a patio under elaborate planning by My Capitol Builders.

We decided to create this article in which we talk about some recommendations on how to organize your patio in a better manner.


A well-constructed ground is a guarantee of success as the contrast with the walls, plants, furniture and other decorative details, gain in color, expressiveness & beauty, softening the lines.
The ground should be combined with the walls to create soft environments, simple, and even exotic.


White walls contrast with the color of plants, take the heat away from the house and if ceramic tiles are installed, expressive colors and geometric figures will recreate a magical atmosphere.
Blue with white, another widely used option, relaxes the atmosphere achieving a very pleasant and fresh sensation.

Marble walls or imitation marble walls with brick, are very effective techniques also and very popular because it favors and highlights a particular area.


When choosing furniture for the patio, everyone has different likings but it should be suitable and in contrast with other elements of the patio. A table and chairs are the center of social life in every place including the patio/ yard because it also is with meals with family or friends, meeting friends in hot, starry nights, and romantic dinners with your partner which can be some of the most important moments in our lives.

If you simply need to relax, read, or reflect on your day then the yard is one of the ideal places. However, during the day we need shade and shelter to protect us from excessive wind and sunlight so it is necessary to organize and build our yard the best way.

Finally we would like to talk about plants that decorate our yard and the color of plants is extremely important as they must combine well with our walls and furniture. Plants can be planted directly in the ground or in pots and if it we have a small fountain or waterfall, the sound of water provides a very captivating, relaxed feeling.

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