Ideas to decorate and organize a small bathroom Small Bathroom

Unfortunately not all houses are built with large bathrooms, for that reason we will show you some tips for making a small bathroom look wider and perfect no matter what the size may be.

You may not believe it but we must pay attention to detail and this will make our bathroom have the Comfort, functional and organized virtues.

Our job is remodeling bathrooms in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax and around Washington DC but if you do not need a complete remodel we will present these councils as improving a small bathroom.

1- A mirror

The mirror is an element that should never be missed in our bathrooms. In the case of small baths, you need to install frameless mirrors to increase the visual space.

The ideal location of the mirror is facing the window so you can project light throughout the bath and thus would achieve better lighting during the day.

2- Furniture

Furniture in the bathroom is very useful but they tend to take away space, so we must choose furniture that can be installed on the wall, having to give the feeling of having a larger bathroom.

3- Colors

The colors are an important part throughout the house, but we know where to use them to improve the looks of it, in a small bathroom it is recommended to use light colors like white, beige, pink, blue but its’ clearer tones.

4- The tub or bath

One of the greatest decisions to take for a small bathroom is the bathtub, logically it is the element that consumes more space therefore it is recommended to remove and replace it with a standing shower.

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